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Davidson Family Photoshoot
This adorable family had access to a unique part of American Fork canyon.  Who knew there was a whole area of cabins up there.  I have lived near American Fork Canyon all my life, and I never knew about this little area.  So when I heard they had a cabin up near Tibble Fork, I was all for trying something new!  And the location didn’t disappoint.  It had a rustic feel with lots of foliage. Although I have done a few shoots for this family, this is by far my favorite one!  Their son, strongly reminded me of my own son.  Not just cause he was tall and thin…but he looked SO good in dressy outfits!  Only their son actually seemed to enjoy wearing his nicer outfit.  Something I wish my boys would do.  LOL!  But oh how cute he was with his sister.  He is SUCH a sweet older brother. As you are looking through this shoot, I would highly suggest keeping an eye on this adorable little girl.  She had SO much personality at the shoot.  I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much while editing as when I kept on seeing her cute little faces and remembered how […]