Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Each type of shoot is a different investment and we realize that each customer may want a unique package and it would be hard to price out every option we offer. Please contact us  with details as to what type of photoshoot you would like to have and we will can provide a custom quote.

What do I need to book you for my photoshoot?

Two things, a signed contract which is all electronic (no papers to lose) and 50% down for whichever package you would like.

We also suggest booking a meet and greet with us to come meet Christie. This will allow you to get to know her, ask any questions that you have and help reassure you that your style and expectations will be met.

Will you hold my wedding date for me?

We will not hold a date unless you have a signed contract and payed the 50% down. However, we try to give first inqueriers the first right of refusal, which means if someone else asks for your date before you have offically booked us, we will let you know first before allowing the other couple to book us.

What type of payment do you accept?

Checks, cash and all major credit cards

Do you offer the copyright release?

No, we retain the copyright release, however all of our packages come with the print release which allows you to print the photos from the printer of your choice. However, we do offer printing for your images and we use one of the top printers in the US for printing so all of the colors on the prints are correct and the print is high quality. 

Do you do destination photography?

YES! We have had the opportunity to travel all over the nation for weddings, everywhere from Florida to Hawaii. Please Contact Us with details and we can give you a custom quote and explain our travel policy.

Can I get the RAW files?

No. We are a full service studio and deliver the finished product to our clients. Taking the image is doing only half of the work. The raw files remain incomplete if they are unedited. You get finished images in high resolution format.

Do you have a studio?

A small one, which we typically use for newborn shoots which allows us to get the room warm for newborns so they are comfortable. For other type of photoshoots we prefer outdoors, on location or natural light studios.

What is the difference between a formal/groomal shoot and a bridal shoot?

Bridals are just with with the bride, formals/groomals are with the bride and groom. Official formals/groomals are done on different days then the wedding (we of course will get some on the wedding day, but that counts towards the wedding day time) where the bride and groom are in a more relaxed mood and can take the appropriate time to get lots of great photos without feeling stressed. This also allows for the photos to be printed and ready for the wedding day. 

How far out do I need to schedule my engagements and bridals/formals?

Engagements should be scheduled at least 2 months before the wedding.

Bridals/formals can be done up to 1 month before the wedding (they can be done even closer as well, but we do not promise to have the photos to you as we may not have enough time to complete them)

These dates are of course the minimum. The more time you give us before the wedding the better.

Do you give suggestions for the photoshoots

Yes! For engagements and bridals/formals we actually have a full list of separate suggestions that we will provide. We also have a ton of location suggestions all up and down the wasatch front.

I have a crazy idea for a photoshoot. Are you interested?

YES YES YES!!!! We don't want to be standard, there are way too many standard photographers in Utah. We want to stand out, if you have an idea for a unusual photoshoot please consider sharing it with us. We have even been known to discount those types of photoshoots as they are not only fun, but expand our portfolio and gets our creative juices going

How long does it take to get my photos after the photoshoot?

Most photoshoots take 4 weeks from the editing, weddings however (because of the amount of photos that are delivered) can take up to 6 weeks. 

We do offer rush jobs, but because it requires extra unplanned hours to not affect other clients in the queue, there may be a fee charged.